Paving Website

This paving website got so many leads we gave up taking pictures of them to put on this page.

These are real website leads from real people* within the first month of their new website getting launched. (And there have been many more since!) With the help of a targeted PPC campaign, this paving company got 61 website leads and that's not even counting phone calls.

With the web leads alone, assuming they could close 25% of them at an average of $2,500 per job, that's a whopping $37,500 of new revenue. If your close rate is better or your average ticket price is higher, just imagine what a new website could do for your business.

* Names blurred for confidentiality.


Dated look. Contact form is practically hidden away. Not updated for mobile devices. Penalized in Google.


Modern design. Clear calls-to-action. Better conversion rate. Works on all modern devices. Better-performing on Google.

Why did they hire us?

Long story short: the owner of the paving company had a falling out with their old SEO guy. After getting brought on to the job through one of our marketing partners, we came in and cleaned up their mess. And, oh boy, what a mess it was...

Problem #1: Before the SEO guy came into the picture, the paving company had an old website (pictured above). Instead of using their original domain name that Google was already familiar with, he decided to create a new website on a completely different domain. There was no good reason for this other than pure laziness. In effect, the two websites were competing with each other and causing confusion for customers. We corrected this mistake and streamlined their web presence down to one website and one domain.

Problem #2: The shady SEO guy created 1000s of spammy pages which sent a strong signal to Google that the paving website was trying to game the system. Google likes high-quality, relevant content written for humans. These pages were pure robot-generated spam and put the whole website at risk. We got rid of this shoddy work when we built their new website.

Problem #3: He built their website using pirated website software which got infected with malware. One day out of the blue, we got notified that their Google Ads campaign got disabled, preventing the company from generating new leads. We thoroughly investigated the issue and it turned out the site was so bad (for this and many other reasons), it had to be rebuilt from the ground up. For our clients, we use only licensed software that can be regularly updated to keep their website safe and secure.

At the end of the process, we turned a shoddy, infected, piece-of-junk website built by a fly-by-night contractor into a lead-generating machine. The results speak for themselves.

What did we do?

Brand new WordPress website

Fixed old contractor's mistakes

Big, beautiful pictures of paving jobs

Strong calls-to-action

Works on mobile devices

Loads super fast

Designed to convert leads

That's great but what can you do for me?

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