Pro Bono Civic Voting Email Campaign

Pre-COVID and before absentee ballots were easy to obtain, most East Bridgewater voters typically didn't participate in local elections. I worked with the Town Clerk to improve participation.


Residents of East Bridgewater had to fill out a cumbersome, paper absentee ballot request form and mail it in or hand-deliver it to the Town Clerk.

Often times, in non-presidential elections, only a small fraction of voters took action. And most concerningly, in local elections $100,000s tend to be spent on wasteful or unnecessary projects when not enough people are paying attention.

Having been involved in local politics at that time, I thought it was imperative that someone do something to get more residents involved in their local government so I built and marketed an absentee ballot web application.


In consultation with the Town Clerk, I developed a web application that automatically filled out the Official Massachusetts Absentee Ballot Request Form and mailed it to their office, something that had not been done in Massachusetts prior, to the best of my knowledge.

I spread the word on local Facebook groups and sent election reminders via a Mailchimp email campaign to voters who used my application in the past. All in all, 100s of votes were cast in numerous local elections that would have otherwise received little attention.

By developing and marketing this application, East Bridgewater voters could more easily participate in local elections and make their voices heard.

Years later, after COVID, the State came out with a better absentee voting form which thankfully made my application obsolete.

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