Shopify Store Email Campaign

A small manufacturing business with a Shopify store needed an email campaign to drive holiday sales. We drove $800 in direct sales to their online store through an email marketing campaign.


This tiny arts-and-crafts manufacturing business was primarily relying on local word-of-mouth and sales through their Etsy store. While they had their own Shopify store, it only had a small number of orders and wasn't producing any significant results.


We imported their email list and started remarketing to existing customers for the first time. In that list, we were able to unlock $800 of value and drive direct traffic to their website where they didn't have to pay Etsy fees.

While this was a relatively small job for us, the same strategies work for larger businesses. If you have an email list you haven't tapped into, you could be leaving money on the table. Get in touch and we can provide email marketing recommendations.

Why did they hire us?

This job was brought to us by one of our agency partners. Our two agencies have worked together for years on numerous web design, hosting, and PPC projects.

What did we do?

Research Email Marketing Solutions for Shopify

Connected Email Marketing Platform to Shopify

Implemented Email Design

Email List Import/Cleaning

Abandoned Cart Email Sequence

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