Need help fixing “Error establishing database connection” in WordPress?

WordPress error establishing database connection

The cause of this cryptic error message can be the result of many different technical issues. Your WordPress site may be configured with incorrect database credentials, the MySQL database service your WordPress site talks to may be down, or it could be due to data loss.

While there may be articles online that overwhelm you with a litany of options to try to fix the problem yourself, unless you have technical experience dealing with WordPress and system administration, chances are you won't be able to figure it out or you might even make the problem worse and more expensive to fix. We don't recommend amateurs attempt to fix this issue themselves if they're not prepared to run the risk of permanent data loss.

Believe it or not, this is one of the most common WordPress errors and we've dealt with it many times before. So there's no need to panic. In most cases we can bring your website back online within an hour or two of us getting started. In more complicated cases with data loss, we can work with you and your web host to restore as much of your site as possible.

We can take a look at your website for free in order to confirm the issue and then work with your web hosting company to bring your website back online. For those who need extra peace of mind, we can recommend automatic backup solutions and more reliable web hosting if necessary.

So if your WordPress website is down due to database issues, contact us and we can get started right away. You'll be able to rest easy knowing your website is in good hands.

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